WHEN NORTHWEST Arkansas photographer Brenton Clarke Little started his second Instagram profile in late 2015, it was intended as a side project. He’d already experienced success on the photo-sharing platform with his @brenton_clarke account, quickly becoming a ‘suggested user’ thanks to his carefully curated feed of outdoor and travel photography. But with the increased exposure came the pressure to continually maintain a certain aesthetic—a certain “wow” factor. So Brenton created @ruminantreserve out of a desire to pursue photography for himself, rather than an audience.

The photos are meant to be carefully considered, reflected upon. The feed itself is named for ruminant animals—cattle, goats, sheep and the like—that “chew the cud” while feeding, further breaking down their nourishment before digesting. Brenton likes to think of the images as snapshots, little snippets of life he happens to encounter: a traffic light, a sign for “Egg Roll Hut: Burgers and Shakes,” a woman driving a baby-blue-and-white classic convertible with the top down.

“It’s really just about finding the beauty in the mundane that most people overlook,” Brenton says. “That’s my passion now.”