YOU MIGHT not be able to tell right away, but this is what falling in love with Arkansas looks like. Look closely at their faces—those are expressions of pure awe and enchantment. Perched from a bridge just overhead, Southwest Missouri-based photographer Henry O. Head managed to snap this image of some visiting friends as they were floating down the Sylamore Creek in Mountain View. As the sun rose and the fog lingered on the water, Henry saw his friends becoming enraptured by The Natural State.

“They were visiting from Arizona for the first time,” Henry explains, “and what’s funny is after that visit—they were just passing through and staying with me for a few days … they ended up moving to Fayetteville. They decided to move cause they loved it so much. They got to see Eureka Springs and the Ouachitas—just a bunch of really beautiful places over a three-day weekend—and that was enough for them to end their lease and come out.”