“THEY’RE A WILD bunch,” photographer Christie Klepper says of her five children, all of whom she home-schools on the family’s couple of acres outside Maumelle. There’s Ethan, 12, the shy, sweet one; Adelyn, 9, the social butterfly and avid reader; Alexander, 7, who’d rather lift weights than play with toys; and Scarlett, 2, the easy baby.

And then there’s Isaac, the youngest boy at age 4 (he was 3 when his mom snapped the photo). He’s the dramatic one, the sensitive one. It’s easy to fade into the background when you have four siblings. But here he stands out in sharp focus, only sharing the frame with one of the family’s chickens—the chickens he loves so much that he often tries to bring them into the house. It’s a sweet moment, captured here by Christie’s lens. And it’s moments like these that she aims to preserve as she documents her family’s day-to-day life.

“I want my kids to remember their life the way that it is and not the way that I want it to look,” she says. “I think people respond to it because it’s real life.”