Big Dam Photo: Electric Ghost Screen Printing

Little Rock, 2:45 p.m.

IN A WORD, you could call them delicate. They were always delicate though. Their soft, brittle wings were fragile even as they emerged from the chrysalis, their metamorphosis complete. Fragile still when they were collected in Southeast Asia in the 1970s, and subsequently pinned and labeled. The proof of their tender nature was on display when they arrived in the mail from Philadelphia, the glass of their protective casing shattered. But even through the damage—and in some ways because of it—their beauty is still apparent. “It sort of reminds me of our mortality here, the beauty of a body or a creature specimen,” says Brooks Tipton, Electric Ghost’s owner, when asked about his collection of vintage preserved-insect displays. “That was a living thing that’s come and gone, and I like to kind of honor that living thing by displaying it and just continuing the preservation.”