HE’D DRIVEN past it too many times to count. So much so that it had become a part of the background, as much a part of the scenery as the trees or the lake. But pictured here, looming high and illuminated, the cooling tower for Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville seems impossible to miss. Even so, if you scroll through Justin Duke’s Instagram profile (@jduke8), you might begin to understand why it took him so long to decide to take a photo of it: It’s a bit of an outlier.

An avid outdoorsman, Justin usually focuses his lens on the forests and streams of the Natural State. But as a mechanical engineering student, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph such an impressive example of man’s scientific achievement. Using a long exposure, he sought to capture the movement of the steam as it drifted lazily across the sky, much in the same way he would commit the essence of a flowing waterfall to a still image. And despite the disparity between those visuals, there’s a certain power to both.