THE HEAT OF an Arkansas summer day isn’t the most fun environment to shoot in, says photographer Linda Henderson. But summer nights? That’s a different story. “I love to shoot anything at night: fireflies, fireworks, stars, planet alignments, the Milky Way, the moon and lightning,” Linda says. So a couple of years ago, Linda and a few other shutterbugs decided to spend the evening snapping some shots of fireflies. Unfortunately, an initial trip to Petit Jean State Park proved fruitless, so the group decided to relocate to Lake Conway, having read lightning bugs tend to hang out around water. But after pointing her camera into the woods away from the shoreline and waiting for the shutter to click on her 30-second exposure, Linda wasn’t holding out much hope. She’d noticed one or two of the glowy buggers, but that was about it. “The magical thing about photographing fireflies is, when you are shooting, you don’t see anything but tiny blips of yellow light,” Linda says. “Then when the image pops up on your camera’s display, you are greeted with wonderful trails of firefly light.”