SURPRISINGLY, THEY didn’t notice it the first time around, driving up Arkansas Highway 103 north of Clarksville for a day of waterfall hunting. But on the return trip home, it stuck out like—well —a flying station wagon. “I just looked up, and there’s this car,” says Pine Bluff-based photographer David Dedman. “I had to pull over. Just jumped out and took a few pictures of it.”

You might be thinking, How did it get up there? or How long has it been there? or simply Why? But David? He wasn’t exactly taken aback, which might have something to do with his weekend photography forays. For years now, David and his wife, Amber, have been traveling the back roads of Arkansas, sometimes putting in 400 miles over the course of a single day in search of waterfalls and mountain vistas. And along the way, they’ve seen some sights.

“I’ve run across, in another part of Arkansas, just driving down the road, and there’s a man who has commercial jetliners in his yard,” David says. “You know, it’s Arkansas, back roads of Arkansas. Nothing shocking anymore.”