Big Dam Photo: War Eagle Bridge

11:57 a.m.

The man couldn’t rightly say why the sheep was following him back and forth across the bridge. It was neither livestock nor pet, the man explained, and its reason for following him was as inscrutable as the sheep itself. Maybe there was something about his walk that was particularly alluring or intriguing for a lonesome sheep whose sole company was an old metal bridge. Maybe it’d been detached from its flock and had, true to both its name and nature, followed the first thing passing by. Maybe the man had something in his back pocket. As the man and the woman beside him stood there on the bridge, they explained their plight to a passing photographer, the sheep at a slight remove. Struck by the sheer novelty of the situation, the photographer asked, Would they mind luring the sheep midway across for a photo? The couple and the sheep were happy to oblige. A short time later, as the company parted ways, the photographer watched the couple walk away from the vantage of her rear view mirror. Sure enough, wheresoever the man went, the sheep was sure to go.