PHOTOGRAPHER MATT White spent Labor Day in 2017 following a familiar course, a path he’d taken many times before. He drove up through the Arkansas River Valley, passing through towns such as Hartman, Coal Hill and Altus, occasionally stopping to capture scenes with his camera. “This is a beloved route I’ve been making for a long time, often photographing the same scenes repeatedly through the changing seasons and turning years,” Matt says. He passed under Interstate 40 in Franklin County, James McMurtry songs drifting from the car stereo, and followed Arkansas Highway 23 into the Ozark National Forest. He made his way through the rolling hills, the road snaking this way and that, the late summer sun warming everything it touched. He crossed the Mulberry River and hung a left onto Arkansas Highway 16 before ending up here, near the tiny community of Crosses, in Madison County. “I’ve long been infatuated with this scene situated along the banks of the blue-green White River,” Matt says. “These days, the paper boxes are long gone, iPads having replaced the daily print version of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette some time ago. Those plastic yellow boxes have been iconic images for the entire state for so many years that I hated to see them go. On this particular afternoon, I remember thinking they looked like some sort of openmouthed bugles, enveloped by the wild highway grasses, blowing the last songs of summer.”