IF YOU happened to catch the early trailers for the third season of True Detective, some of the scenes might’ve struck you as familiar. A bridge. A street. The landscape and general feel of the place. Of course, it would’ve been with good reason. For a several-month stretch this past year, crews from the HBO hit series were traveling along stretches of the northwest corridor to film the new season. (If there were any doubts as to where it was set, that was cleared away when the image of Christ of the Ozarks appeared in a later trailer.) Although the show-runners have kept mum on the details of where the show was filmed—to say nothing of the plot and most any particulars about the show—in the era of social media, it’s rather difficult to keep things under wraps. With that in mind, we scoured through posts on Instagram and Facebook to bring you a partial list of places you may see in the show.

  1. Rogers VFW
  2. Waffle Hut, Rogers
  3. Beaver Lake Lodge, Rogers
  4. Christ of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs
  5. Susan’s Restaurant, Springdale
  6. Monroe Avenue and Lincoln Street, Lowell
  7. Ozark Transmodal, Springdale
  8. AQ Chicken House, Springdale
  9. University of Arkansas Global Campus, Fayetteville
  10. Corner of 12 Oaks and Big Oaks Drive, Fayetteville
  11. Herman’s Ribhouse, Fayetteville
  12. Wes’s Bar-B-Q, Fayetteville
  13. South Duncan Avenue (between MLK Jr. Boulevard and West Stone Street), Fayetteville
  14. Nightbird Books, Fayetteville
  15. West Stone Street (between South Hill Avenue and South Duncan Avenue), Fayetteville
  16. Baptist Ford Bridge, Washington County
  17. Devil’s Den State Park
  18. Our Lady of the Ozarks, Winslow
  19. Mountainburg High School
  20. A to Z Variety, Fort Smith

Bonus Arkansas connection? Nic Pizzolatto, creator, writer and executive producer of True Detective, got his MFA from the U of A in 2005. Double bonus? The production team bought four truckloads of retro furniture from Little Rock’s Galaxy Furniture. Check out the show when it debuts Jan. 13.