Casing The Crescent Hotel

A forthcoming comic book take on the Crescent Hotel’s mysterious past has us positively spooked

THE TITLE OF artist Sean Fitzgibbon’s forthcoming graphic nonfiction narrative, What Follows is True … Crescent: The Baker Years, isn’t so much a title as a disclaimer for the shockingly unbelievable tale contained within the book’s pages: A languishing, once glamorous hotel-turned-experimental-hospital. An unfounded and dangerous “cure for cancer.” An enigmatic charlatan. Using period newspaper articles and first-hand interviews—and beautifully rendered through Sean’s illustrations and paintings—the book attempts to unravel the mystery of Norman Baker, the quack healer who purchased Eureka Springs’ Crescent Hotel in the 1930s and whose monstrous methods left a sinister legacy which haunts the historic property to this day. 

While Sean has completed work on What Follows is True … Crescent: The Baker Years, the artist and writer is currently searching for a publisher. Visit for updates on the book’s status.