Worth The Wait

They wanted land for their family of 10, and not gated-community land, either. They searched. And searched. Years later, when they finally found the spot, a 5-acre property in the shadow of Pinnacle Mountain outside Little Rock, there was already a home on it—a home that didn’t work. But why let a little thing like that stop you when you’ve got Herron Horton Architects on your side?

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One and the Sain

Descriptions of Johnny Sain vary wildly. Some in the Arkansas River Valley know him as a local writer specializing in the outdoors. Elsewhere, he’s better known as the baseball icon who pitched Babe Ruth’s last at-bat and Jackie Robinson’s first. Ask enough questions and you’ll realize they are, of course, different men. But for all their differences, they’re really just … one and the Sain.

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