Hometown, Arkansas

Since January 2015, when we started running our recurring “Hometown” features, we’ve written about just shy of 50 places across the state, the vast majority of which have been penned by writer extraordinaire Heather Breed Steadham. Over the years, we’ve heard stories about everything from a world-record-breaking watermelon to an 82-year-old in Jasper who rode…

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Hometown: DeWitt

Historically speaking, DeWitt’s been a lucky place. In the early 1850s, it won a place as county seat of Arkansas County when Arkansas Post—the first French settlement west of the Mississippi—became too depopulated and too far southeast for residents needing to do county business…”

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Hometown: Learning The Hardy Way

I MAY HAVE made a terrible mistake. I have come to the small town of Hardy—population 772—on a Sunday. In the rain. With my city-born and -bred 14-year-old. “I just want something to happen today,” Avery said on the 2 1/2-hour drive here from central Arkansas, and I don’t think buckets of water falling from the sky and an almost completely shuttered town qualify as “happening.”

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