Crystal Bridges’ Podcast Is Art For Your Ears

Catching up with Stace Treat, the voice behind the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art’s new podcast, Museum Way.

What’s your day-to-day role at the museum?

I’m what’s called an “interpretation manager”—there are two of us here at the museum, the other being Samantha Sigmon. We work closely with curators, educators, designers and our digital media team to create “experiences” in our galleries and special exhibitions. We also help to word things about the art in such a way that everyone can clearly understand and, hopefully, find interesting.

Why start a podcast?

We’ve heard from our audiences that they’re interested in how the museum works behind the scenes: what our staff does on a daily basis, the story behind an artwork, how exhibitions are planned, etc. The podcast allows our listeners to hear directly from experts and learn the “why and how” behind a project. And in turn, we hope they feel a deeper connection to the museum.

Dream Museum Way guests?

Any number of the famous folks who float through here unexpectedly would be fun. I got a chance to give Drew Barrymore a tour of our collection last year. … Maybe get Geena Davis when she’s in town for the Bentonville Film Festival? I would especially love to speak with the many cool artists whose work is featured in our collection and exhibitions: Nari Ward, Nick Cave, Faith Ringgold, Vanessa German and so many others. Many of us often get to have conversations with artists, and it would be nice to share that with our audiences.

Any teases for future episodes?

In upcoming episodes, we’ll be talking about our blooming trails and grounds and new exhibitions. And we may even be talking with artists here at the museum who are installing new artwork or visiting us for an exhibition. … You never know who may turn up, so stay tuned.