Eat Like An Arkansan

Cook a whole trout, bake a local pie, take a stance on ‘cue and settle in at the table



What is Arkansas cuisine? That’s a question Arkansans have been debating for years. It’s not quite the tamales of the Delta or the barbecue in Blytheville. It’s not quite the corned beef at Oaklawn or an Arkansas Black Apple pie. It’s something that goes beyond just one dish. Eating like an Arkansan means knowing that we’re more than just cheese dip and a coon supper, but defending both until the end. It means an eye roll every time Little Rock or Bentonville ends up on a list of hidden food cities. Because, come on, we knew that already. And, above all, it means eating damn well.


Edited by Emily Van Zandt / Photography by Arshia Khan

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