First Course: Your Month in Food, Illustrated

Legendary chicken ’n’ spaghetti, crepes on the go, pizza from scratch, Jamaican us hungry, and cheeeeeeeeese

Fried Chicken & Spaghetti

For 121 years, the community of Tontitown has celebrated its rich Italian heritage with the annual Tontitown Grape Festival—and for the past 87 of those years, the festival has gained fame for its spaghetti dinners, complete with a side of fried chicken. Or is it a fried chicken dinner with a side of spaghetti? Either way, it’s amazing.

Aug. 6-10 (dinners served Aug. 8-10) | (


If you’ve never had raclette, allow us to sell you on it: It’s a wheel of cheese that’s melted and drizzled—nay, scraped and slathered—in all its gooey, stringy deliciousness, over roasted potatoes, prosciutto, local sourdough and cornichons. Sound tasty? Get it every third Thursday of the month at Bentonville’s Sweet Freedom Cheese in the 8th Street Market.

Aug. 15 | (


You can put pretty much anything in a crepe, and a food truck can go just about anywhere. So whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or a taste for the savory, there’s a crepe for you at Little Rock’s new food truck A Little Crepesy. 

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Jerk Chicken

It’s summertime, and we want to go to the Caribbean. But who needs a vacation when you can get authentic jerk chicken at the newly opened Taste of Jamaica in Little Rock? OK, we still want a vacation, but ToJ’s menu of traditional faves (plantains! oxtail! ackee and saltfish!) is easing the wait.

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Pizza from Scratch 

A wise man once said, “Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.” … Well, actually he was a teenager. And more specifically, he was a teenage mutant ninja turtle named Michelangelo. But why bother with delivery when you can make your own pizza from scratch at Little Rock’s Dee Brown Library during their Dinner and a Movie night, including a screening of 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Cowabunga!

Aug. 10 | (Search for “Dee Brown Dinner and a Movie” on Facebook)

Correction: We originally wrote that “Dinner and a Movie” was scheduled for Aug. 8. The correct date is Saturday, Aug. 10.