A FEW WEEKS ago someone called me and asked where they might be able to find a good tomahawk steak. That might seem like an odd business call to get, unless you’re in the business of telling people where to eat.

I’m in the business of telling people where to eat.

It’s the question we get asked the most: Where should I take so-and-so for dinner/drinks/brunch? There are lots of ways we could respond—we’re currently undergoing a bit of a dining boom here in Arkansas. But there are certain restaurants, new and old, that have that extra something. Sometimes it’s tangible: Maybe they dry-age their steaks for 60-ish days (Taylor’s). Maybe they’re doing something no one else is (Three Fold). Maybe their food just tastes even better than it looks (Saiwok—that’s their creation on our cover). Sometimes it’s intangible, though.

As is the case with my perennial response to the question in question: Hugo’s.

It’s nothing special, you might say as you do some pre-visit Googling. Burgers and fries in a dimly lit subterranean space. A typical college haunt. But walk down those crooked concrete stairs and open that creaky, peeling-paint screen door and I swear you’ll feel it. Order a Bleu Moon burger. Take a bite. Right??! Trust me, I know. I’ve been dining under the red glow of that “Typewriters” sign for decades, and everything’s exactly as it’s always been—which is to say, just as indescribably good.

Some things never change.

And, yet, some things most certainly do. Here in our offices, change is all around us: weddings, babies, first homes, first elementary school drop-offs. It’s a reminder that we’re always growing and evolving. Which might be why we chose to focus on back-to-school for big kids in this month’s “Get Smart” feature. I’m planning to get my Level 1 certification in wine through The Wine Center; Emma’s got her sights on reliving the ballet classes of her youth at Rock City Dance Center; Wyndham’s just counting down the days till his 60th birthday so he can sign up free-of-charge for Henderson State’s Comics Studies course.

It’s gonna be a busy fall.