Kiss Your Boring Brunchies Goodbye

Baja Grill's clever spin on our favorite weekend meal, plus other goodies we're eating this month (hint: empanadas!!)

Not-so-basic Brunch
Baja Grill, Little Rock

We love brunch as much as the next guy, but sometimes, you just reach peak hollandaise. Enter Baja Grill’s new Saturday brunch, which puts a clever twist on the usual suspects, like the Scott’s OMG: an English muffin topped with ham, horseradish cheddar, a runny egg and—surprise!—a cranberry beurre blanc. (5923 Kavanaugh Blvd.;

Craws Up
The Faded Rose, Little Rock

Here’s something that needs to go on your iCal each week from now till May: 4:00 p.m. Wednesdays. The Faded Rose. The reason? Five hundred pounds of Louisiana-sourced mudbugs, boiled up the Cajun way by a native who’s done this a time or 2,000. Get there early—once they’re gone, they’re gone, cher.

Editors Note: If you miss out on the April boils, don’t fret! The restaurant will be celebrating it’s 35th anniversary on May 10 with a giant crawfish bash. (1619 Rebsamen Park Road;

Em. Pa. Na. Das.
Buenos Aires Grill & Cafe, Little Rock

We always get excited when a new eatery opens downtown (perhaps you’ve noticed?), but we get especially hungry when it’s serving up food that’s been heretofore overlooked in the city. Like empanadas. Flaky, savory, Argentinean empanadas. To Buenos Aires Grill and Cafe: Gracias, amigos. (614 President Clinton Ave.;