Brisket Worth the Drive and a Strawberry Tart of Dreams

What we’re eating this month

Oh My Brisket | CM Smoke Artisan BBQ, Jacksonville

Cooked slow and low over the course of twelve hours, CM’s brisket is dark and barklike on the outside, pink-ringed and tender on the inside. It’s almost good enough to make you forget about the chicken, the ribs, the greens, the slaw and just about everything else on your plate. Almost. (605 W. Main St.;

Toast with the Most | Tusk & Trotter American Brasserie, Bentonville

This bite lures you in gently with mint, dill and a delicate pop of paddlefish roe before smacking you upside the taste buds with a one-two punch of heat—first, from that cayenne/paprika-dusted fried oyster, then from a zesty bed of spicy (but sweet, too) chowchow. Ready for round two! (110 SE A St.;

Strawberry Tart | Pressroom, Bentonville

Just take it in for a moment: A crumble of cookielike crust gives way to silky white-chocolate pastry cream, vibrant strawberry jam and those succulent strawberries. The money bite is landing both a pearl of basil oil and a white-chocolate leaf on your fork. Pure decadence. (100 NW Second St., No. 100;