Grape Job!

Altus Mayor Veronica Post offers tips for this year’s grape stomp

Press It

“What you’re trying to do is, you’re trying to press as much of those grapes open as possible, because with a closed grape, the juice is not going to pour out.”

Squish It

“My foot is not that large. I wear a 7 1/2 shoe, and I have beat people who wear size 10s before. So it’s more about the process of keeping your foot moving and literally squishing every grape in your barrel.”

Stomp It

“If you just stand there and basically keep stomping in one spot, there are going to be grapes around the edge, upper, lower, around the barrel, that aren’t going to get under your feet.”

But DON’T cap it …

If you keep the juice you’ve stomped, don’t screw the cap on very tight: Within 24 hours, the grapes will start fermenting, and pressure will build up. Mayor Post knows this firsthand from when her daughter first stomped grapes years before. “We had shards of glass in our ceiling tile.”

Stomp over to the 36th Annual Grape Festival in Altus on July 26-27. For more info, visit