Here Are Some Unbelievable Flight Deals For Your Wallet

For flights out of Arkansas, the website-slash-newsletter Local Time Travel Deals is just the ticket.

YOU COULD SAY it all comes back to the thrill of the hunt. But rather than tracking whitetail or pheasant, Felecia Hancock’s quarry has always been further flung—a $550 flight from Little Rock to Beijing, say, or a $450 flight from Little Rock to Athens. Greece, that is. Though she arrived somewhat late to the travel game—she caught the bug while studying abroad in France in 2009—the Northwest Arkansas native realized fairly early on that while it wouldn’t be easy to foster her passion for travel in Arkansas, there was a good challenge to be met: finding the best airfares out of The Natural State. Over the past few years, as her prowess for bargain-finding has become common knowledge among family and friends, the means of sharing that info has evolved as well, shifting from a text thread with friends to a newsletter to, now, a dedicated website, Local Time Travel Deals. And if you’re thinking those fares above are too good to be true, just know this: Yours truly booked a round-trip to Barcelona for $500.

Yes, these round-trip fares are all real (and were posted within the past eight months). Visit for more info.