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A quartet of in-the-know designers share their picks for what’s new in home design this fall

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Sure, we understand the benefit in choosing neutral, ready-to-stand-the-test-of-time investment pieces, like a linen Chesterfield sofa or a great natural rug. We also understand, however, that with each change of season (and each new Pinterest session, each new issue of Elle Decor, etc.) we find ourselves aching to inject our spaces with the latest must-have pop of color or punchy accessory. To get the skinny on what’s fueling design this fall, we turned to four local designers who were eager to share their picks for this season’s go-to home decor trends. After all, why should our closets have all the fun?

1. Black & White
“The crisp and classic contrast of black and white is enjoying a huge revival. I use it in room designs to really add drama and glamour that takes its cues from timeless fashion.” —Tobi Fairley

2. Pantone’s Fall 2013 Colors
“Deep jewel tones—emerald, nectarine, poppy red and Monaco blue—are making a comeback and are so much softer now, especially when paired with pastels.” —Lindsey Binz

3. Honeycomb
“Geometrics always catch my eye, and I’m seeing hexagons and honeycombs everywhere.The beauty of a pattern like this for a design aesthetic like mine—one that bridges traditional and contemporary styles—is that it has a direct reference to nature, yet is still very angular and graphic and crisp.” —Tobi Fairley

4. Pattern Play
“I have always collected vintage textiles from my travels and my collection includes Turkish Suzanis, Uzbekistan ikats, Mexican Otomis, African Kubas and elaborate Indian embroidery, brocade and silks, so I’m excited to explore this trend of using patterns influenced by global cultures and historical patterns.” —Laura Bartell

5. Chintz 
“I’m excited about pretty floral prints like this classic Blithfield chintz. Chintz is making a comeback!”  —Melissa Haynes

6. Textural, Natural Finishes
“Finishes with texture—grasscloth walls, stone tables, burlap lampshades—and handmade items give a vintage feeling to a space and add warmth to a room. I love wood and stone in a stripped down state, showing the beauty of its natural form.” —Laura Bartell

7. Fine-Art Focus 
“Today, fine art is more approachable and people are realizing that it’s a smart investment. I love to assist clients in finding art that inspires them and is appropriate for their home—it’s ideal to design a room with art as the focal point.” —Laura Bartell

8. Ribbon Details
“It’s all in the details! One of the trends I’m having fun with is working with ribbons and tapes. We’ve trimmed this pillow in a blue ribbon to create a custom look.” —Melissa Haynes

9. Tufting 
“This is a timeless trend that can be used on anything and everything in your home—from headboards and seating to walls and ceilings—and in all design styles, from traditional to modern.” —Lindsey Binz

10. Blue
“Blue is back in a big way! In some designs, I’ve used it as a bold punch; in others it creates a serene cocoon. Blues of all shades are so living-friendly that it’s really hard to go wrong.” —Tobi Fairley

11. Mixed Metals
“Matching has never been one of my signature design style. I prefer ‘blending’—that way, your space can evolve over time and when you tire of something you don’t have to completely redecorate. Right now, I’m loving a mix of metallics: copper, brass, nickel, gold and silver.” —Lindsey Binz

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