How Chefs Eat

Where do Little Rock toques head when they’re after something cheap and cheerful? We were curious, too …



Mark Abernathy | Loca Luna and Red Door

Whole Hog in North Little Rock: Pulled-pork sandwich with Shack sauce

Personally, I prefer the North Little Rock Whole Hog, even though the locations are all similar. They also offer a sauce that is close to the original Shack sauce that I grew up with. It’s my favorite sauce for barbecue pork.”



Jack Sundell | The Root Cafe

Taqueria Samantha II: Chorizo quesadilla, straight up, add an egg

“I can’t stop myself from getting the same thing every time. It’s huge—it could easily feed two people—but it’s so delicious you won’t want to share. And it’s a glorious mess. It comes with a whole grilled jalapeño and green salsa, and by the end, chorizo grease will be dripping down your arms as you cry spicy tears of joy.”


Ben Brainard | Local Lime and Heights Taco & Tamale Co.

Lulu’s Latin Rotisserie and Grill: The “family pack” (a whole rotisserie chicken with three sides. all of the sauces.)

We eat out a lot. With our schedules and the kids’ activities, there’s rarely enough time. Thankfully, there’s Lulu’s—it’s delicious food made by a couple of folks that really know what they’re doing. Get the yucca fries, the black beans and rice, and the plantains. All four of us eat for about $6.75 a person. Give them a try, um, immediately.”


Capi Peck | Trio’s

Taqueria El Palenque: Tacos al pastor, tacos arriaga and guacamole

I love so many things at this little gem—it’s fresh, fast, friendly service and so close to both work and home. I used to have to drive to southwest Little Rock to get this kind of Mexican food. For a long time, I was one of the few gringas eating there, but now lots of people have discovered El Palenque!”