Who’s talking: Brooklyn-based Kerry Diamond, co-founder and editorial director of one of our favorite indie mags, Cherry Bombe, which celebrates women and food.

What they’re talking about:  Each week, Kerry interviews culinary trendsetters, from cookbook authors to chefs, stylists to wine gurus, entrepreneurs to activists. It’s like listening to your girl crush chat with your other girl crush. And there’s usually pizza.

Episode to listen to first: Episode 123, in which the hilarious comedy-writer-turned-wine-blogger Marissa Ross stops by for an irreverent chat about her irreverent wine reviews. Just make sure you have a glass of gamay handy.


Who’s talking: Public radio show veterans Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newman, whom you’ve probably heard on the likes of “Fresh Air” and “All Things Considered.”

What they’re talking about: Each week, the one-hour show is divided into “courses” devoted to music, food trends (beer porridge, anyone?), pop culture and the arts, all under the guise of giving you fodder for your next dinner party. Recent guests have included Greta Gerwig, Mel Brooks, Sterling K. Brown, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Fleet Foxes.

Episode to listen to first: It doesn’t exactly follow their typical episode outline, but “Look Up and Listen!,” a trippy “audio odyssey” featuring the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Feist and Nick Offerman (playing the role of a talking wolf), will definitely endear you to the DPD.


Who’s talking: The folks behind the Southern Foodways Alliance, a New Orleans-based institution that “documents, studies and explore the diverse food cultures of the changing American South.”

What they’re talking about: Every other week, Gravy digs deep into the stories behind the foods we eat as Southerners, exposing the rich diversity that ends up on our plates. One week they’re eating corned beef sandwiches in a Mississippi Delta Jewish deli, the next they’re making traditional Mexican tortillas from Kentucky corn at a Lexington tortilleria.

Episode to listen to first: Episode 32, entitled “Mexican-ish: How Arkansas Came to Love Cheese Dip,” which features more than a few familiar voices. (Hi, Kat Robinson and Rex Nelson!)


Who’s talking: A dream-team duo of author-slash-blogger-slash-restaurateur Molly Wizenberg and comedian-slash-food writer Matthew Amster-Burton.

What they’re talking about: Each week, Molly and Matthew take one foodie-centric topic and blab about it ’til they just can’t blab no more. We’re talking 24 minutes on frozen pot pie, 29 minutes on baby snacks, 37 minutes on applesauce, 19 rollicking minutes on Icelandic junk food, and the like. Hilarity ensues.

Episode to listen to first: Episode 308, in which Molly delivers her treatise on Pop Tarts, and you learn everything you never needed to know about toaster pastries.