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Old school meets new cool on KUAR

01_flapjones_TAsk Flap Jones, host of KUAR’s alternative-country program Not Necessarily Nashville, how she learned to love country music, and she’s quick to answer.

“My dad, you know,” she says. “We had music all the time in the house, and he was a big fan of Hank Williams and Jimmy Rogers and Loretta Lynn and all that old ’50s and ’60s stuff.”

But ask her to name her favorite artists, and you’d better grab a chair and a beer, because she has a lot to think about.

“Well, Billy Joel Shea is one of my favorite song writers, Doc Watson is one of my favorite pickers, and Merle Haggard could sing the phone book if he wanted to,” she says. “There are too many to pick one or two.”

It’s a love she’s been sharing over the airways for nearly three decades, ever since a friend told her about an opening for a country-music disc jockey at KABF, the volunteer-run Little Rock community radio station where she got her start. “I was like, ‘You are crazy! Why would I want to be a DJ?’” she says.

Jones ended up  mixing a tape for the station manager with music she’d like to play—a little Emmylou Harris, a dash of Waylon Jennings, a snippet of Willie Nelson and many more. He must have liked what he heard because he handed her the reins after two hours of training on the station’s equipment. Now on KUAR, you can hear her over the airwaves at 7 p.m. every Saturday.

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