Oh, Goodie

Want to show the hostess she’s the most-est? Wrap up one of these proudly Arkansan provisions

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Barrel Reserve
Brandon’s Gin | Rock Town Distillery

Perfect in a Negroni or a Martinez, or just sipped solo. A good gateway gin for whiskey lovers. ($35; rocktowndistillery.com for locations)

“Iron Goddess of Mercy” Kombucha
Moniker Ferments

A sparkly Fayetteville-brewed tea with floral and melon notes. ($3; monikerferments.com for locations)

“Gentleman & Scholar” Black Tea
Savoy Tea Co.

A manly, whiskey-inspired brew from the Northwest Arkansas tea company (also: an office favorite). ($13; savoytea.com for locations)

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Cocktail Bitters
Pink House Alchemy

A craft cocktail must-have from our favorite Arkansas mixologists. ($19; pinkhousealchemy.com for locations)

Raw Honey
Lake in the Willows Apiary

Locally made in Scott, and sweet as sugar. ($6 to $8 at Green Corner Store)

Handmade Spoons
JK Woodworking

Maple spoons handmade in Quitman from drought-damaged Eden Isle trees. ($25 to $30 at Green Corner Store)

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The Modern Arkansas Table Cookbook

Forty new-Southern recipes from the state’s top toques (published by yours truly). ($30; themodernarkansastable.com)

S’mores Popcorn
Hill City Popcorn Co.

All the best parts of the campfire classic, without the need to mess with the whole campfire thing. ($10 and up; hillcitypopcorn.com for locations)

Single-origin Chocolates
Izard Chocolate

New options—single-origin coffee and ethically farmed Haitian cacao—from Hillcrest’s own Willy Wonka. (Bars, $8 to $10; caramels, $5 to $10 per box; izard-chocolate.myshopify.com for locations)

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Small-batch Coffee
Onyx Coffee Lab

Award-winning roasts from nationally recognized coffee nerds. ($15 and up; onyxcoffeelab.com for locations)

Loblolly Creamery and O’Looney’s Wine & Liquor Holiday Collab

A rotating line-up of boozed-up pints, including Spiked Egg Nog, Negroni Sorbet and Sparkling Elderflower Sorbet. ($10 at O’Looney’s)

“Funky Goat”
Kent Walker Artisan Cheese

The first of Walker’s new rotating line of specialty cheeses dubbed “La Petite Roche”—and yes, it’s delightfully funky. ($2.75/ounce; kentwalkercheese.com for locations)