One Take: Banana Day, A Study

In which we gave Harrison-based photographer Terra Fondriest a Polaroid, eight frames of film and one take to get the shot

FOR 19 CENTS a pound, it brings out everybody—a lot of senior citizens, of course, but it brings out a lot of other people, too. Every Wednesday, all the workers wear banana shirts and stuff, like “Hudson’s has gone bananas!” And it’s a grocery store where high school kids still carry your groceries out to the car. It’s just old-school. We’ve known Miss Marjorie for a while, and she’s just a real sweet lady. I’ve actually run into her at Hudson’s several times before because I shop on Banana Day, and so does she, and our schedules must just be the same. And I thought, Well, that’s fitting that Miss Marjorie’s the first person here. I was nervous about doing this because I just didn’t know how it was gonna go, like, you know, a person hanging out with a camera by the banana section. But I was like, Oh good, Miss Marjorie is here. She did it because she was being nice, but I’m sure she was thinking that I’m weird.