One Take: Capitol Views, A Study

In which we gave Little Rock-based photographer Sara Reeves a Polaroid, eight frames of film and one take to get the shot

I LOVE living by the Capitol, I love living by the train station. I walk around a lot, like between our place and the Capitol—if the weather is pretty, if I’ve been inside all day. The architecture around here is in my face all day. This is my path. But when I’m walking around, a lot of times I’m thinking, Oh, will I have a client someday that needs a photo near the Capitol? There’s a sweet spot where I may be in the middle of thinking about work and what I need to do—and then the sun comes through. And it’s like, oh, this is a super-small moment, but it can feel really inspiring. And then I can come home and feel more relaxed than if I hadn’t gone.