One Take: Librarians, A Study

In which we gave NWA-based photographer Don House a Polaroid, eight frames of film and one take to get the shot

“THERE’S KIND OF A belief among a growing number of people, perhaps, that libraries are losing their importance. Recently, an economist wrote an article—I think it was in The Atlantic—saying that libraries were obsolete because you could get everything you needed on Google or Amazon, etc. And they’re missing the whole other role of libraries and what librarians do: Grant writer, researcher, vocational counselor, cook—all of those things are what I’ve witnessed the librarian performing. The library in Eureka Springs is such a classic Carnegie Library, and when you walk into that library, you just feel like you’re surrounded by knowledge. And then you have a librarian like April Griffith, who I’d met and had the chance to get to know a little bit—you’re just in good hands. I just sit there sometimes and watch person after person walk up to the desk, and sometimes they’re just asking for directions to something in Eureka, and at other times they have these intense personal issues and they’re looking for help. Or they just want a book.”