One Take: On the Road, A Study

In which we gave photographer Linda Henderson a Polaroid, eight frames of film and one take to get the shot

I JUST RETIRED. I worked at the Conway Human Development Center for 37 years. I was a nurse out there. And people have asked me, What are you going to do when you retire? Y’all going to travel? And I keep telling people, Yeah, we’re going to travel, but primarily in Arkansas, just because there’s so much of Arkansas that I haven’t seen, that I want to see, that I want to go back to. I’m a native child of Arkansas, but it’s a beautiful place and a place I want to explore. My husband and I spend a lot of time, usually on Saturdays, just driving around Arkansas. And I like to pick a road. We go up and down U.S. 65 all the time, but when you start looking for the picture—then it becomes the road trip. You’re not just going to Clinton or Marshall. The road becomes the story and becomes the pictures.