One Take: Things Left Behind, A Study

In which we gave Branson-based photographer Henry O. Head a Polaroid, eight frames of film and one take to get the shot

“I DEFINITELY found the running theme of things that were in decay or being left behind to be an interesting cohesive motif throughout that shooting process. The theme of decay can kind of sound morbid, but one of the things I’ve actually been thinking about the last couple of weeks is that when you see an abandoned house or something that’s in a state of disrepair that’s kind of falling apart—all of the materials that build up those buildings and places—they’re just making a journey back to the ground to become a source of life for what’s to come. So I’ve been trying to view things that are abandoned, or left behind, or decaying, as material on the way to being alive again, kind of the whole circle-of-life thing.”