Hometown: Murfreesboro

MOST PEOPLE GO to the Crater of Diamonds State Park hoping to strike it rich when they visit Murfreesboro, but I am old (not really) and decrepit (not really) and cranky (really, truly) and I have no intention of digging for anything—outside of searching my purse for sunglasses on this happily cloudless, Robin’s-egg-blue-skied day. It…

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State Dish: Dangerously (Pimento) Cheesy

WHEN IT COMES to pimento cheese—that delicious, creamy, slightly spicy Southern staple—chef Amanda Ivy has what you might call a “complicated” history with the stuff.  Growing up in Southern California, Amanda wasn’t exposed to pimento cheese until she moved to Arkansas in 2010. But when she was a contestant on Guy’s Grocery Games on the…

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Live and Let Fly

“Maybe you never quite mustered the courage because you were afraid fly-fishing was too mysterious, or too difficult. Take a breath. The reality is that you can get by without ever learning the difference between an Adams and a Zug Bug, a pheasant tail and a hare’s ear…”

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