Preserving A Fading Piece of Little Rock’s Past, One Post at A Time.

The written word finds a canvas on a mysterious Instagram account.

HERE AT Arkansas Life, we spend a lot of time thinking about the printed word. From the typography used in our stories to our nameplate on the cover, we’re constantly poring over typefaces and fonts to find the best way of expressing the ideas found in our pages. Basically, what we’re trying to say is … we dig type. So when we came across an anonymous Instagram profile documenting peeks of lettering across Little Rock in the form of neon signage, hand-painted advertisements, graffiti and the like? Well, let’s just say we were smitten.

“With the advancement of computers, signage and lettering have really, on the whole, kind of gone down in my opinion,” @letterrockarkansas told us, speaking on the condition that we’d keep their identity a secret. “So I like to sort of keep those things alive that we actually still have in our city. There’s just something about it that’s kind of mysterious—it has a charm about it that isn’t very prevalent in more modern practices of signage and lettering and things like that.”

You might drive by some of these gems every day, but can you identify the locations of @letterrockarkansas’ favorite finds from the photos here?