Arkansas Life Redesign Q&A

A chat with Arkansas Life's creative director, Emma Devine


We always say that our mission is to keep you on your toes—to show you something altogether new about a familiar place. To make you say, I never knew that! In short: to surprise you.

Well … Surprise!

It may seem sudden, this fresh new look, but it’s been a long time coming. Maybe even 10-years long. And here’s why we did it: An Arkansas magazine needs to be representative of this place, and not just in terms of content. That’s a given. It’s got to look like this place, too—the essence of Arkansas distilled into fonts and figures, glyphs and graphics. So, how do you do that? Great question. We wondered that, too. But once we really started talking about our state, and about how much it’s changed since this magazine was founded 10 years ago this month, it just kind of flowed out of us, thanks in no small part to the newest Arkansan among us: our creative director, Emma Devine. —Katie Bridges, editor

In the video above, senior editor Jordan Hickey asks Emma about her approach, the challenges she faced, what the casual reader might not immediately pick up on and more.