Photography by Myranda Randle


Best Local Gem | Stacy MacDonald of Made

There’s handmade jewelry, and then there’s hand-mined jewelry. The minimalist pieces—delicate lariats, simple ear threads—whipped up by Little Rock’s Stacy MacDonald of Made are both. Bucket in hand and wellies knee-high, Stacy sifts through the mud and muck in the Ouachitas to unearth quartz crystals, which she then polishes up to bring out their natural luster before wrapping them in wires and settling them into wearable, earth-to-ears art. (


Best Retail Therapy | Remedy Road

It was a trip to northeast India in 2012 that did it. The Vinson family had flown across the globe to visit philanthropic friends who’d started a textile company to provide living wages to impoverished locals, and the family saw two things: 1) unimaginable hardship and destitution, and 2) a “road to redemption,” so to speak: the potential for poverty alleviation through job creation. Back stateside, Lisa and Brad Vinson dreamed up Remedy Road, a Bentonville boutique brimming with fair-trade, sustainable goods made by companies dedicated to effecting change. And we’ll take one of everything. (

Best Way to Wear Your Heart on Your Couch | Catstudio’s Little Rock pillow

It takes 40-plus hours for the fine folks at Catstudio—a company dreamed up by a design-savvy couple with wanderlust and an affinity for vintage travel ephemera—to hand-embroider one of their signature 20-inch pillows. One of their newest offerings? The Little Rock pillow, which maps out our fair city’s finest: the Big Dam Bridge, SoMa, the Capital Hotel, etc. Not in Little Rock? There’s a Natural State version bedecked with the likes of King Biscuit, Crystal Bridges and catfish, as well as one that highlights the high points of the University of Arkansas’ hilltop campus in Fayetteville. Available locally at Cobblestone & Vine. (

Best Massage You Never Knew You Kneaded | One Thai Spa

It’s kind of a misnomer, the name of this Little Rock spa, because, really, One Thai Spa contains multitudes. Sinuses got you all clogged up? Try the sinus-relief therapy. Feeling jetlagged after a long trip abroad? There’s a massage for that. Pregnant? Yep, that, too. All told, there are 21 specialty massages listed on the spa’s website—we’re particularly intrigued by the Thai herbal steam tent and Tok Sen, which involves small teak hammers—but even those looking for a more full-on immersive experience will find something of interest: One Thai Spa even offers trips—to Thailand. (1520 Macon Drive, Suite A2-A3, Little Rock;

Best Doctor’s Appointment on Wheels | Delta Care-a-van

Health care students and professionals in Northeast Arkansas will soon be putting their training to use in areas that need it most, and best of all, they’re planning to bring the medicine to the people. The New York College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University hopes to take its new mobile medical clinic—dubbed the Delta Care-a-van—to seven rural Arkansas towns by this fall. The clinic will provide medical screenings and evaluations, all at no cost to the patient, for conditions common among residents in underserved areas, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and depression. The 40-foot-long vehicle will be fitted with two examination rooms, an intake area and telemedicine capabilities, all allowing medical and nursing students to gain experience while providing treatment to those who might not receive it otherwise. (

Best Wellness Weekend | Bodd Camp

Remember Girl Scout camp? Trust falls and Capture the Flag? Sunrise hikes and friendship bracelets? Those experiences that were equal parts outdoor exertion and wholesome, girl-power kumbaya? If you’re looking to relive those glory days, even though you’ve long outgrown the Brownie uniform, enroll yourself in Bodd Camp, a women-only wellness retreat led by fitness guru and girl-gang champion Nicole Boddington. Think of her as the ultimate camp counselor—nurturing, motivating, spunky, sisterly—and her three-day getaway as a return to the summer camp of your youth, albeit one with SUP yoga, barre, nut-milk-making workshops and chakra readings. (Oh, and s’mores, too.) The next Bodd Camp is set for Oct. 12-14 at one of our favorite places: the stunning Equani Lodge on Norfork Lake.(

Best No-Excuses Workouts

Staff Pick

There are no excuses because these group workouts are free. Get that booty out the door. No more “Namaste home” for you, friend.


Listen, it’s not gonna be easy. (It’s not called “bootcamp” for nothing!) But there’s free drip coffee waiting for you after this Saturday a.m. class, as well as community and conversation at one of our favorite Little Rock hangouts. (


Meet at this running boutique, owned by ex-Razorback trackster Gary Taylor, in Little Rock’s Heights neighborhood at 6 p.m. Thursdays for group runs of various paces and distances. (


Owned by a couple of other Hog alums, Mike and Alison Rush, this NWA trio of running stores offers speed workouts on Mondays in Bentonville and Thursdays in Fayetteville, as well as a Wednesday-night fun run in downtown Bentonville. (


This Little Rock-based organization offers a free outdoor community class at 6 p.m. on the last Saturday of every month, April through October. Check Yoga in the Rock’s Facebook page for locations. (


You can down-dog your way into your weekend every other Saturday morning (this month: Aug. 4 and 18) at the Bentonville Farmer’s Market, thanks to this Bentonville studio. For all levels, the class starts at 8:30 a.m. (


Namaste your week away at a free community class at 5:45 p.m. every Friday at this downtown Fayetteville studio. Teachers and styles rotate, so expect something new each week. And if you’ve never tried meditation, keep an eye out for the studio’s six-week, no-cost series. (