Hometown: DeWitt

Historically speaking, DeWitt’s been a lucky place. In the early 1850s, it won a place as county seat of Arkansas County when Arkansas Post—the first French settlement west of the Mississippi—became too depopulated and too far southeast for residents needing to do county business…”

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Hometown: Lake Village

WHEN I TELL BOTH my mother and my husband—on two separate occasions—that I’m headed to Lake Village, they each say, “Down close to Hot Springs?” No, I inform them. You’re thinking of Hot Springs Village, maybe, and Lake Hamilton, conflating the two. Shift your perspective more than 155 miles to the southeast, where if you…

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Hometown: Arkadelphia

I’M SURPRISED HOW quickly off Interstate 30 the sign for Arkadelphia, population 10,714, pops up. I didn’t have to travel very far at all off the beaten path to arrive at this town I’ve never been to, and only really know because of my past career as a high school teacher. I’d watched many kids…

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