What’s In Our Glass? This Sazerac.

THE DISH: Sazerac from Proof Bar + Lounge, $8 THE DISH ON THE DISH: Proof’s version of the New Orlean’s whiskey cocktail is equal parts simple and classic. And a perfect nightcap for a balmy summer’s evening—especially when sipped on the bar’s cozy patio. THE DISH ON HOW TO GET THE DISH: 2611 Kavanaugh Blvd…

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First Taste: Yeyo’s Mexican Grill

LET’S FACE IT: Mexican food has been Americanized more than any other international cuisine, becoming, more often than not, a Tex-Mex mash-up of dishes that aren’t indigenous to Mexico. Which isn’t to say that what most Americans know as “Mexican” isn’t delicious, because it is. The problem is what gets lost in translation when the…

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