Big Dam Photo: Arkansas Highway 7

When there are storms, it’s electric. Fast-paced and frenetic, four or five cameras trained through the windshield of his car to catch the lightning, the rain, the funnels, whatever’s chucked out of the clouds and sent down to wallop terra firma. When you’re out there, Jesse says, chasing the storms, maintaining a semblance of order…

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Big Dam Photo: Harrison

They’re called adventures, where the road leads nowhere but to fields and places with good light. And this? This is one of them. Off in the far distance, well beyond the middle distance, where two of Derek’s girls are chasing each other up the path of a sunbeam, there’s a green VW bus that is…

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Big Dam Photo: War Eagle Bridge

The man couldn’t rightly say why the sheep was following him back and forth across the bridge. It was neither livestock nor pet, the man explained, and its reason for following him was as inscrutable as the sheep itself. Maybe there was something about his walk that was particularly alluring or intriguing for a lonesome…

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