You’ve Got Quail!

MEIMEI (PRONOUNCED MAY-MAY) the red setter has apparently turned to stone. She’s staring at a downed treetop, her head cocked slightly to the left, and not a single auburn hair quivers. It’s as if we’ve stumbled upon a canine statue here in the hills of the Sylamore Wildlife Management Area. Meimei’s point says there’s a…

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Alvin Irby

STAND-UP COMEDIAN former kindergarten teacher, public speaker, author, social entrepreneur, education innovator—Alvin Irby wears a lot of hats. He wears them here in his native Little Rock, at home in New York City, at conferences, at elementary schools, pretty much all over the place. But his primary focus is to inspire a love of reading…

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Jessica Olson

AFTER THE COMPACT of Free Association with the U.S. was signed in 1986, many Marshallese settled in the Springdale area as transfers from Tyson Foods facilities in the Marshall Islands. Now with more than 4,300 members, Northwest Arkansas is home to one of the largest Marshallese communities in the U.S. Jessica Olson and her family…

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