“WELCOME HOME,” Stacie Bloomfield typed into an Instagram post back in September 2017, sharing a photo of the 4,000-square-foot home she and her young family—her husband and their three kiddos, then under the age of 8—had just purchased outside Fayetteville.

“The Bloomfield family cannot wait to settle in, paint some walls and take a family photo on that porch. And right now, even though we have so many boxes to unload and unpack, today is one of the happiest days of my life. This feels like a dream! P.S. What should we call our new home? I feel like it needs a name!”


“Bloomfield Manor.” That’s the name (and the Insta hashtag) she settled on, owing to the house’s size—far larger than any the Bloomfields had lived in before—and to its storybook quaintness. And “storybook,” you’d imagine, would be a more than fitting word to describe the house belonging to the creator of Gingiber, a nursery and home-décor line that’s all whimsy and sweetly illustrated forest critters and hand-lettered nostalgia. But that storybook quaintness didn’t exactly extend beyond the threshold. Where the outside was gracious and Southern and almost gingerbready, the inside was, as Stacie says, “soooo 1993”: burgundy and more burgundy and dark green and floral wallpaper and honey oak.

“It was like honey-oak heaven,” Stacie says with a laugh. “That’s what I called it.”

However, that didn’t stop the Missouri-native illustrator from turning Bloomfield Manor into a place worthy of its moniker. Since she didn’t have a huge budget to work with—she’d just bought her dream house, after all—she decided to DIY, making simple cosmetic changes that involved paint and wallpaper instead of contractors and construction. Once the boxes were unpacked, she was eager to carve out a space that could feel inspiring, and just good. And for the first time in four moves, she started with her room—not the kids’ rooms, not the living room.

Those could wait.

The master suite, though very burgundy—“The toilet and tub are still burgundy!” Stacie laments—had great bones, namely in the form of a wall of built-ins that wrapped around a fireplace. All it needed was a fresh coat of white paint, a dose of pattern and a hefty helping of vintage and thrifted finds.

“Now my husband and I fight over who gets to work in there,” Stacie says, laughing, noting that they’re both more or less work-from-home types.

But Stacie usually wins. After all, she’s the lady of Bloomfield Manor.

For a closer read on Stacie’s storybook whimsy, visit gingiber.com.