WHEN WE FIRST wrote about one of the best rentals in the state, it was with this headline: “Secret’s Out: … though, to be fair, we kinda wanted to keep the Kings River Deck House to ourselves.” In the year and a half since we stood on that deck, taking it all in—10.5 miles of riverfront—we’ve often returned to that place in our daydreams, mentally sketching out potential itineraries of wouldas, couldas and shouldas. It’s a place that we hope to return to someday soon—and with every dime going toward conservation efforts along the Kings, we figure, why not? After all, it’s for a good cause.


For the better part of our stay, we’d posted up in the sprawling main house. Looking back on the experience, though, we wouldn’t have minded waking up in the more intimate, similarly glass-facaded bungalows—and then heading over for breakfast at the main house’s mammoth 14-seat table.

Next time, ahem, around, we’ll spin more time spinning the 70s-era records—say, Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat, or the National Geographic Society’s Music of the Ozarks. Then again, maybe we’ll just bring our own.

We didn’t get around to it last time, but on future visits we’ll definitely take some time to pen thank-you notes to the Nature Conservancy, which maintains the property, (and to the family that donated the property back in 2013).

This 2,000-square-foot deck? There’s no better place to mingle with 19 of your best friends, (or lie on your back and watch the stars pop into the sky).

Learn more by reading the original story here: arkansaslife.com/wish-you-were-here-secrets-out. Or book it for yourself at kingsriverdeckhouse.org.