THERE’LL BE a lot to see come Feb. 10 at SoMa’s Bernice Garden. Goatees and French forks. Mutton chops and Van Dykes. Waxed beards, Santa Claus beards, dyed beards, faux beards, polka-dot beards, 2-foot-long beards. But look a little closer and you’ll see a fellow off to the side—you’ll know him by the graphite-gray backdrop he’s standing behind, and the camera in his hand. That’s photographer Rett Peek, and for the past six years, since the founding of the annual Root Cafe/Arkansas Times Beard & Mustache Contest, he’s been immortalizing Little Rock’s bristliest beards and the men who grow them (and the women and kiddos who don them). Here are a few of his favorite snaps from contests past.