The Best Point of View: Blanchard Springs Caverns, Fifty-Six

Exploring subterranean sights and sounds at Blanchard Springs Caverns

8:16 a.m.

“What happens when you turn photographers loose in Blanchard Springs Caverns with light?” photographer Linda Henderson asked her Instagram followers when she posted this photo back in 2016. “That’s right; they light-paint everything.” But if the already stunning caverns can look this mesmerizing with a couple of LED lights and a slow shutter speed, imagine how amazing they could sound. Throughout the month, classic holiday songs will be playing off the caverns’ natural acoustics during the annual Caroling in the Caverns event, hosted by the Mountain View Area Chamber of Commerce. Performances are held each Friday, Saturday and Sunday in December, with tickets going for $25. (Search for “Caroling in the Caverns 2019” on Facebook.)

Photo by Linda Henderson, whom you can follow on Instagram: @lindahenderson. Want a chance to see your work in this space? Email us at