The Fine Print: Midtown Billiards

A dive into the history of Midtown Billiards

IF YOU’VE spent any time at all in downtown Little Rock, you probably have a Midtown Billiards story—about the amazing band you saw at 2 a.m., about the life-changing burger you ate, about that time you allllmost lost Bottle Toss, about the time you stayed until the lights came on at 5 a.m. And you probably have a story about Maggie.

Maggie Hinson was more than just the owner of Midtown Billiards. She was its soul. She was its matron and its mascot. With her fiery red hair and a personality to match, she presided over the bar that she bought with her husband, Jim, in 1989. She continued to run it alone after Jim’s death on Christmas Day in 2013. After the bar burned down in 2016 and was rebuilt the following year—put back together just as it had looked before, graffiti and all—she ran it then, too.

But on the morning of April 30, 2019, Midtown lost a piece of itself. At the age of 72, Maggie died after a two-year battle with kidney disease. Though she may be gone, those who have visited the iconic pool hall won’t forget her anytime soon. Cheers, Maggie. This one’s for you.