The General History of Pulaski County

There are seven counties across America named in honor of Casimir Pulaski (including Little Rock’s, which was established 200 years ago this month). But who was he?

… Well, we wondered the same thing. For a bit of insight, we turned to a relatively recent book—Pulaski: The Forgotten Hero of Two Worlds by Joan and Mel Gordon—excerpted here:

FROM HIS early childhood, Pulaski loved horses. He became a horseman without equal and perfected the hit-and-run tactics that were used by the American military long after his death. The cavalry he created was invaluable in America’s fight against the British in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 and against other adversaries in every war America fought through World War I.

The cavalry was also a crucial element in America’s vast expansion across the continent, protecting settlers who migrated into new territories.

General Pulaski helped save General Washington’s life at the Battle of Brandywine. History proclaimed George Washington the Father of our Country and General Pulaski the Father of the American Cavalry. Rightfully so.

Even though many places bear the name Pulaski, his great contributions to America are little known. Surprisingly, this is also true in his beloved Polish homeland where he fought valiantly against the Russian invaders. It is suspected that almost two hundred years after his consistent wins against Muscovite forces that were often five times larger than his own, the Russian Communists removed his name from Polish history books.