The Style-List: August 2019

Our friends on trends

Joëlle Storet | @joelleelleoj

Artist and gallery manager at Art Ventures in Fayetteville


“As a polyglot, I enjoy the mental exercise it provides. There is something calming about combining letters and discovering new words.“


“Nostalgia in a can. If you loved watching sci-fi movies from the ’80s and ’90s and played video games most of your life, this music is quite the treat.”

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

“I saw it seven times in theaters the week it came out. It is one of the only films that made me want to experience it on the big screen, and I loved every single second of it. You see, a close friend had passed away the day it came out. Seeing the film helped me cope with the loss. That wasn’t a movie; that was a party.”

Michael Shaeffer | @houseofshaeffer

Artist and co-owner of Control Records in Little Rock

Chagrin d’Amour by Chagrin d’Amour

“Where do I begin? From the first note to the last crooning tone, this is hands down one of my favorite albums.”

China Markers

“Anything of mine you may have seen hanging at M2 Gallery could not exist without these beautiful gems, picked up at Art Outfitters in Little Rock.”

Drecksound by Hash Redactor

“This album was in heavy rotation after it dropped, for sure, but seeing them perform on our front porch for our grand opening amplified the importance of this band. If you don’t know the power of this group, I encourage you to look them up.”

Daphne Scott | @daphnescott_

Owner of Greenrose

Natural Materials

“My go-to clothing this summer is my hemp/cotton blend Tasi Travels wrap skirt and my 100 percent cotton Mate the Label tees from @shopgreenrose_. They are so, so comfy.”

Arkansas Parks

“I am loving all our parks this summer! I’ve been taking my picnic blanket and yoga mat to places that bring grounding energy and renewing joy to my days.”

Hydro Flask Tumblers

“My can’t-live-without items are my Hydro Flask tumblers, for water and coffee. Reusable cups are my favorite way to visually see myself cut down on waste.”