The Style-List: December 2019

Our friends on trends

Crystal C. Mercer | @cc_mercer

Little Rock-based textile artist, activist, poet and author

Lavender, Mint and Rosemary

“These flowers and herbs are my daily go-to’s for stimulation, relaxation and peace of mind. A whiff of any of these scents, and I am instantly happy!”

Woven Textiles

“I’m eternally in love with fabric! Every day, I am using cloth to communicate cultural messages and tell personal narratives. My last name, Mercer, means a person who is a merchant in textiles … this love I got honest!”

Black Literature

“I love to write, and I love to read! I am knee-deep in Glory Edim’s anthology Well-Read Black Girl and many works that celebrate the stories of Black people. It’s affirming and uplifting to see myself within the pages of history.”

“Giant Steps” by John Coltrane

“A classic jazz standard, this song, released 23 years before I was born, is in heavy rotation in my life. A glass of merlot, my favorite candles and a good book are the perfect complements to John Coltrane’s epic masterpiece.”

Bryant Phelan | @ofaolainleather

Owner and designer at OFaolain Leather in Little Rock

Local Art

“M2 Gallery is my go-to for incredible local talent, such as Michael Shaeffer, Cheryl Kellar and Lisa Krannichfeld.”

ESSE Purse Museum

“This time of year, we have a lot of friends and family visiting, and I love to keep them entertained. My favorite place to take them is the ESSE Purse Museum, for its extraordinary exhibit and fun-as-can-be gift shop.”

Initio Parfums

“I’m completely obsessed with this incredible fragrance line at Barbara Jean called Initio. Oud for Greatness is my favorite, but they are meant to be layered, so the combinations are endless! Perfect for holiday gift-giving.”

Sean Fitzgibbon | @seanpfitzgibbon

Fayetteville-based artist and illustrator

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara

“This true crime book by Michelle McNamara delves into one woman’s obsessive search for the infamous Golden State Killer. As an author of graphic nonfiction, I draw inspiration from her approach to storytelling.”


“My family and I take advantage of the beautiful trails throughout Arkansas just about every chance we get. We refer to Tim Ernst’s wonderful and well-researched book Arkansas Hiking Tails.”

The Atlas Obscura

“This amazing website for the curious traveler explores hidden, strange and oftentimes overlooked sites located around the world.”