The Style-List: November 2019

Our friends on trends

Jennifer Evans & Blanca Maldonado | @2locasbrand

Owners and CEOs of Northwest Arkansas-based 2 Locas Brand clothing


“We have found a new appreciation for cycling. Whether it be a spin class, riding to work or taking a joy ride on the greenway, it has become one of our new favorite ways to get active.”

Empowering Music

“When we get together to brainstorm new design ideas and events for 2 Locas, we get ourselves hyped up to the empowering music of Jidenna, Selena, Beyoncé, Cardi B and Celia Cruz.”


“This fall, you can catch us at Angela’s Bakery in Springdale eating pupusas revueltas and sipping on horchata in our LatinXellence hoodies. Pupusas have always been a part of our lives. It is a typical Salvadoran dish, and we encourage everyone to find your nearest pupuseria and try them.”

Christen Byrd | @justpeachylr

Founder and owner of Just Peachy balloon design in Little Rock

Streamer & Fringe Decor

The streamer backdrops are like a work of art to create. They take forever, and it’s very fulfilling to create this fun, over-the-top thing with so much movement and color. It really fills a space and adds a different element to my balloon installations. Getting ready to do my ceiling in my new studio, and I’m really excited to see that come to life. I’m already convinced that it will be my favorite creation.”

True Crime Podcasts

“I don’t have a favorite, but I really like Crimetown, Criminal, Undisclosed, The Clearing, and Crime Writers On.”

Three Fold Dumplings

“Steamed pork, no spice, plus the chips!”

Chad Maupin | @bigbotdesign

Owner, graphic designer and illustrator at Big-Bot Design in Fayetteville

The Righteous Gemstones on HBO

“An incredible cast portrays this family of mega-church televangelists in an appropriately over-the-top way without stripping them of their humanity. There are incredible performances throughout, but Edi Patterson’s portrayal of overlooked and WOUND-UP Judy Gemstone is a standout.”

Doughboys podcast

“I work from home and consume A LOT of podcasts. A regular favorite is Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell’s Doughboys podcast, where they spend most of their time driving each other crazy and discussing chain restaurants. Bonus points for showing my fan art on a recent episode.”

Pentel Tradio Pulaman sketch pen and hardback Moleskine art sketchbook

“The Pentel Tradio Pulaman sketch pen is a cheap, but super effective, drawing tool that lays down great, dark ink and has really incredible line quality for the price. I’ve been filling up my new favorite sketchbook, the hardback Moleskine art sketchbook, with a lot of drawings done with this tool.”