The Style-List: September 2019

Our friends on trends

Teresa and David Carlisle | @thenewgalleryandstudio

Owners of The New Gallery in Little Rock


“We moved into our new house a few months ago, and our walls are still bare. We spend a lot of time looking at art and daydreaming about what art we hope to hang on our walls someday. Currently, some of our favorite artists are Frea Buckler, Jonathan Lawes, Kehinde Wiley and Dan Flavin.”

Mystery Cactus

“Summertime is the best season for enjoying the cactus on our front stoop. We do not technically know what kind of cactus it is—perhaps a blue-candle cactus or even a San Pedro cactus—but we do know that it is resilient. Even with all the trauma that this cactus has been through in the past couple of years, it still finds a way to keep growing.”

Salsiccia Pizza at Raduno Brick Oven & Barroom

“The name of this pizza may be intimidating to pronounce, but that never stops us from ordering it when we visit Raduno. This delectable pie comes with house-made fennel sausage, Peppadew peppers and plenty of pomodoro sauce.

J’Aaron Merchant | @jaaronmerchant

Bentonville-Based Illustrator and Animator

Wacom Cintiq

“It’s my BABY, and I create most of my digital art and animate on it as well!”


“I listen to so much music and love being able to create various playlists and seeing what my friends are listening to as well!”

Passion Planner

“It’s literally my life—I can plan out projects, create a visual for my goals, both long and short term, all while tracking day-to-day tasks and activities.”

Jon Allen | @jonathancoffee

Owner of Onyx Coffee Lab in Northwest Arkansas


“I pretty much run figuratively and literally on podcasts. I listen to everything from philosophy to sports, and shamefully, I’m a sucker for true crime. Recommendations: The Hoop Collective, RZIM: Just Thinking, Criminal, and Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast by Gospel in Life.”

Home Life

“I have traveled between three and five months internationally each year for the last seven years. We finally hired someone to help source coffee, and it turns out routine and comfort are actually incredible.”


“I hate them on everyone else but me. In fact, I would put all people who walk around with AirPods in a certain people group I don’t want to be associated with, and yet, when you are a multitasker, pacer, ADD business owner—they are perfect! Do I feel ashamed? Of course. But my efficiency is up.”