What are you shooting with?

A Nikon D750 and an iPhone X.

One photograph that sums up your approach?

The pink house, which is titled Willingness. I initially photographed this house straight on and was unable to find any resolution in the photograph. I began to drive off and noticed the side window, partially covered by the shadow of a tree. Upon further investigation, I noticed the pink roses that dipped in and out of the tree’s shadow. I’ve realized it’s better for me to take my time to respond and do it in a more meaningful and appropriate manner.

For a time, you were focused on curbside photography, but you’ve recently shifted more to portraiture. Why?

The shift was in response to a desire to connect with others and provide a more creative approach to headshots and portraiture.

To what extent does your environment define your work?

Though I agree that environment can have an effect on my work, I tend to be in agreement with Robert Frank: “It is always the instantaneous reaction to oneself that produces a photograph.”

How do you expect your work will change as you start your MFA?

My goal is to expand upon the research and investigatory aspect of my work in order to successfully convey my thought processes and viewpoint.


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